Aesthetic Wallpapers for Pc and iPhone HD

The day that you woke up excited, do a lot of things and don't see the time passing. And by the end of it there's just that feeling of gratitude! 😍 Because gratitude rocks. Me just going out facing my fears and just being happy and myself

Love your page & music!!! Would love to cover a track!! Hope you don’t mind the repost on your photo. hii guys !!! um so i’ve never done these type of captions before but some of yall said u wanted it so here i am trying smth new hehe :)) anyways idk i’ve felt kinda down lately, my birthday was a few days ago and i feel like so disheartened and empty inside. the people i want to care, doesn’t care. it hurts a lil bit. i think of the yr before and realise how i happy i was and how i messed everything up. it’s fine. i have to move on. 

have to tell myself not to care about it anymore or else ill dig myself a deeper hole. been catching feelings for someone i shouldn’t so that’s depressing. ill try to get over it tho idk how that’ll turn out :(( ok bye yall
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