The 27 Basic Questions About KETO FASTOSIS ( Very Important, You Must Know + Answer )


Many people want try keto lifestyle but rare want to read fastosis protocal. Ok this articel can introducing about most popular basic keto. You can read and get many esentiap imoprmation about that.

27 Basic Questions About KETO FASTOSIS

  1. What is Ketone? 
  2. Where does Ketone come from?
  3. What is the normal size of Ketone in the Fastosis program?
  4. What are the initial preparatory stages that need to be done by me who are just undergoing the program Fastosis?
  5. How many types of Ketone are there in the body?
  6. What does Ketone have to do with the insulin I know?
  7. Where and when does Ketone appear in the body?
  8. Why do we need Ketone?
  9. What does Rejection and Selection mean in the Fastosis program? 
  10. Why in this Fastosis program Fat or Cholesterol must be intake main compared to Karbo and Protein?
  11. Why in this Fastosis program must also consume routine VCO and Honey Immunator? Isn't honey sugar?
  12. How many stages are there in the Fastosis program? Why is it made like that?
  13. Is it true that carbohydrates are not essential elements needed by the body? Why?
  14. What is Glycation? Why have I never heard from a doctor?
  15. What are the effects of Glycation for my body's health? 
  16. If I run this Fastosis program, do I still have to exercise?
  17. Why should I fast in this Fastosis program?
  18. What is HC? Why does HC occur if I run this Fastosis program?
  19. If I run this Fastosis program where I don't eat carbohydrates anymore, isn't there a high risk of me experiencing Hypoglycemic?
  20. Actually, this Fastosis program is like any other diet program? If not, where and what is the difference?
  21. What age is suitable for me to run this Fastosis program?
  22.  In the future, whether the Fastosis program can be a solution to health problems is being trendy lately? Such as stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, heart disease weak, hyper / hypo tension? 
  23. Is there a guide or guideline for me to run this Fastosis program? 
  24. My doctor said that Ketone is dangerous for the body, because it's poison (Ketoacidosis)? Why does the Fastosis program actually have to exist and? maintained? 
  25. In this Fastosis program, it is recommended to drink a lot, how about the ones Having kidney failure? Can it follow? 
  26. How to maintain the balance of nutrients (macro and micro) in my body if I run this Fastosis program, especially considering that only Fat can be may I enter the first stage? 
  27. I usually consume vegetables and fruit to maintain fiber intake and maintain digestive health (BAB). If I run this Fastosis program, wouldn't my digestive health be greatly disrupted? 

1. What is Ketone

Ketones are molecules produced by the liver from fatty degradation (Fatty Acid) as a substitute for glucose in the brain, and can be used by all cells in the human body, except the Liver itself which only uses "Free Fatty Acid" for "substrate" (material) metabolism. '
All cells in the human body can use Ketone or Free Fatty Acid (Free fat) to be converted into energy in the "Mitochondria" (energy generator cell) as a substitute for glucose. 

But only brain cells can use Ketone because only Ketone is able to cross inside brain, because of its size small enough to penetrate the "Blood Brain Barrier" (Layer Separator and blood filter in the brain)

2. Where does Ketone come from?

 Ketone comes from the degradation of Fat (Fatty Acid) in the body, when blood glucose levels (blood sugar) decreases. Ketone is only produced by Liver like during Fasting , High intensity exercise , and low carbohydrate food intake (low in glucose sources).

3. What is the normal size of Ketone in the Fastosis program?

The optimal target of blood ketone in the Fastosis program is 2.2 mMol - 6 mMol, or if through Urinalisa checking, the target is +2 to +4.

4. What are the initial preparatory stages that I have to do Just undergoing the Fastosis program?

 Before starting the Fastosis program, prepare the main ingredients needed to be consumed at fasting and mealtimes, namely Immunator Honey®, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and Green Tea (Green Tea) Then study well the program guides provided via email or "hardcopy". Don't be afraid to ask anything that is not understood from the guide this is by "mentors" in the Fastosis group, or by the program's referees This Fastosis. Food choices can be asked to seniors in the Fastosis Group or at supervisor, at the beginning of starting the program, so there is no mistake in starting this program and provide the desired maximum results.

5. How many types of Ketone are there in the body? 

Ketone, or commonly called "Ketone Bodies", consists of 3 molecules namely " Acetoacetate "," Beta Hydroxy-butyrate "and" Acetone ".

6. What does Ketone have to do with the insulin I know? 

Ketone is a glucose replacement molecule that only appears during hormone conditions insulin in the blood is very low. When the insulin hormone is very low, then the hormone antagonists (opponents) Insulin namely "Glucagon" will become more dominant in the body, where the hormone Glucagon and (with) Adrenaline will trigger "Lipolysis" which is Triglyceride degradation (decay) process to be changed to Free Fatty Acid and Glycerol, which will then be changed in the Liver to Ketone (from Free Fatty Acid) and Glucose (from Glycerol).

7. Where and when does Ketone appear in the body? 

Ketone is produced only exclusively in the liver from fat degradation (Fatty Acid), and is only produced when it reserves "Glycogen" (Glucose deposits) in the Liver has been used up, which is due to being used for metabolism during the Fasting condition, or eat low in carbohydrates (a source of glucose).

8. Why do we need Ketone? 

Ketones are needed when fasting, calorie deficit or eating with a low pattern Carbohydrates, where with the presence of this Ketone, low blood glucose levels (blood sugar) will not trigger a "Hypoglycemic" reaction (symptoms of low blood sugar). When Ketone replaces glucose in the brain, then brain cells will use Ketone for its energy metabolism. Ketones have a greater "Potential" energy than Glucose, and This ketone metabolism will reduce excess free radicals (reactive oxyangen Species - ROS) from oxidation results in cells (inside Mitochondria) so that it is automatic will reduce the level of inflammation (irritation) that occurs in the brain. This also applies to throughout the body, where when all the cells in the body use Ketone as Glucose substitute, the levels of Free Radicals (ROS) above will decrease

9. What do you mean by Rejection and Selection in the program Fastosis? 

REJECTION is the condition by which the human Immune System becomes sensitive to recognize abnormalities in the body, such as the presence and presence of cells abnormal. These abnormal cells can be in the form of Pathogens (Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi Parasites), Cancer / Tumors, Damaged / Aging Cells, and infected cells. This rejection is triggered by the "Challenge" produced by the Immunator Honey, when it touches the mucosal (Mucosal) layer in the body, such as the "Oral" pathway (tongue, gum, under the tongue (sublingual), oral cavity, esophagus, "Intranasal" (in the nose),

"intraotitis" (in the ear), "intraocular" (eye), "intrarectal" (anal canal), "intravaginal" (vaginal passage) and "subcutaneous" (open sores / under the skin). The "challenge" that is produced when Immunator Honey touches this mucous layer, will trigger "Antigen Receptor" on all immune cells in the body to become "sensitive" (Literate) and will make immune cells recognize the presence of "abnormal" cells another in the body. This identified effect can trigger "Immune Response "to these abnormal cells, and will initiate the process "Rejection" to "eliminate" these abnormal cells. The "Sensitification" effect of the immune system is not limited to "Rejection", however also triggers "Tolerance" (Immuno-Tolerance) in conditions such as Auto-immune, Allergy and hyper-sensitivity. Besides this "Sensitive" condition will prevent "Over Inflammation "which may be generated by the" Immune Response " "abnormal" in the body and even cause "negative" effects on health. This "Sensitive" condition will also trigger cleansing of "Impurities" (dirt / poison) in the body, such as the buildup of "plaque" (plaque) on the "arteries" (arteries), material damaged or non-functional cells, foreign antigens attached on the surface of normal cells (trigger auto-immunity), free radicals (ROS), Protein / Fat which is oxidized, glycation (Glucose adhesion / caramelization), and various materials others that disturb the balance (Homeostasis) in the body. This is done through a process called "Phagocytosis", which is a cleansing process in the body and is carried out by immune cells (Phagocytes) such as "Macrophage". This "Sensitification" effect also triggers "Rejuvenation" (repair / regeneration / reverse) aging), where the sensitization of immune cells will trigger the process of "Signaling" (communication) through "cytokine" takes place quickly. When immune cells clear the location identified problems, then the repair signals at that location will trigger the presence of various elements of "Cell Regeneration" which will be continued with Regeneration reset against cells that have problems before. And this will trigger "Restoration" return to the functionality of cells that were previously problematic or lost function due to a thing, such as for example infection, free radical oxidation, glycation, etc.

SELECTION (Selection) is a condition where Fat Metabolism which requires "Mitochondria" (Energy Generators in Human cells / Mammals) and Calorie deficit produced by Fasting, will trigger "Selectivity" of the existence of cells Page 6 abnormal cells in the body. This selection will occur in cells that are too "Anabolic" (Rapidly Growing) such as:

1) Cancer / Tumor Cells
is a "Malignant" cell that can only use "Glucose" (from the source Carbohydrates), for its metabolism. This happens because cancer cells are cells who have experienced "dysfunction" or "damage" to the "Mitochondria", so Cancer cells can only use "Glucose" to be used as "Fuel" producing energy, through the path of "Fermentation" (Lactic Acid Fermentation) where the metabolic pathway by fermentation is not needed "Oxygen" as does the normal cell metabolic pathway that it uses "Mitochondria" as an "Energy Generator" which requires an oxidation process with Oxygen to produce energy. The results of the process of "Glucose Fermentation" of these cancer cells are Energy and Lactic / Lactate Acid (Lactic Acid), where Lactic Acid will then trigger "Blood coagulation" and "Decreased blood PH" in the body. This lactic acid too will increase blood glucose from the effect of "Recycle" (recycling) to acid This lactate in the liver to be converted back into glucose (Cori Cycle process). As a comparison, it results from normal cell metabolism using a pathway "Mitochondria" in processing "Glucose" (Carbohydrates), "Fat" (Fatty Acid), "Ketone", and "Protein" (Amino Acid), will produce energy, and excess metabolism in the form of CO 2 (Carbon Dioxide) and H 2 O (Water)

2) Glycolytic cells

is a cell that is very active using Glucose and becomes independent or very high dependence on glucose for its metabolism. Examples of cells like this are infected cells and cells that are damaged / aging that has decreased function in the body. These cells will "Selected" by the conditions "Calorie Deficit" and "Low Glucose presence" in body. Normal cells that experience "infection" will experience decreased function "Mitochondria" and will also use the "Fermentation" pathway as it does that occur in "Cancer cells". This "glycolytic" property is a property of "cells primitives "like" Pathogens "that are duplicated in normal" infected "cells by the pathogen. This is why when infection takes place, then production "Lactic acid" will also increase in the body, and is usually followed by an increase in blood glucose level during this infection.

3) Abnormal immune cells (auto-immune) 
Abnormal immune response seen in various auto-immune cases is an expression of high glycytic activity in immune cells. With the condition of low glucose and calorie deficit created by Fastosis, will shift the differentiation of these abnormal immune cells into an immune response an anti-inflammatory, where fuel Fat (Fatty Acid) will be a trigger to change the type of immune cells from "auto-reactive" to "tolerance" (tolerance to normal cells in the body).

10. Why in this Fastosis program is Fat or Cholesterol should be the main intake compared to Karbo and Protein? 

Fat is the "substrate" of the most ketogenic fuel, which is fat has only 10% of the composition of glycerol that can be converted into glucose. It means Fat has very low properties that are likely to trigger a reaction the hormone Insulin (Insulinogenic), or to be converted into Glucose (Gluco-neogenic) Protein is a "substrate" which is the main "building block" in "synthesis" new cells, such as for cell regeneration and for cell repair. But Protein has 56% of the composition of "amino acid" which is "Gluco-neogenic" which means can be changed become Glucose through the "Gluco-neogenesis" pathway. This also means that 56% of the composition Proteins are "Insulinogenic". Carbohydrates are the "substrate" of the highest composition to change glucose in the body, where carbohydrates have 100% of the composition that can used directly for the "Glycolysis" process (Glucose metabolism in cytoplasm). Thing this causes Carbohydrates to have 100% "Gluco-neogenic" properties, which are automatic as well will be 100% "Insulinogenic". In the Fastosis program, the main key is Fasting, which is the condition of fasting is a very low hormone "Insulin" condition, but it is a high condition the hormone "Glucagon" (antagonist / insulin of insulin which is also produced in the Pancreas). When at fasting hours, this low-insulin condition will trigger Glucagon to be more active Fat degradation (Lipolysis) for energy, while (vice versa) emergence of response insulin will cancel this process. Then when at meal time (feeding window) in the Fastosis program, the insulin response remains suppressed by choosing macronutrient ratios that are high in fat, and low in protein / Carbohydrate. The goal is that Glucagon hormone levels remain dominant in the body, and not interferes with the process or adaptation to "ketogenesis" metabolism. Optimal ketogenesis will provide an optimal supply of "Ketone" in the blood, thus creating a perfect Ketosis condition and can reverse various problems that previously occurred due to "Energy Surplus" from Glucose which: 1) triggers a high concentration of Free Radicals (ROS), 2) triggering adhesion / caramelization in the body (glycation), 3) and various other abnormalities / anomalies due to high glucose conditions blood. 1/14/2020 FAS

11. Why in this Fastosis program must also consume regular VCO and Honey Immunator? Is not that honey is sugar? 

VCO is a type of fat that has a short carbon chain (Medium Chain triglyceride (MCT) which is easily broken down by the liver into "Glycerol" (ingredient Glucose maker) and "Fatty Acid" (Fat metabolism material for further processing to "Ketone" in the liver). Supplementation with this VCO, obviously will help the body's transition to Fat metabolism, where the liver will more quickly produce "Ketone" for soon replace the position of Glucose which begins to disappear in the body in Fastosis. This is important to form a "Smooth Transition" from Glucose metabolism to Fat metabolism in body, and prevent the "Hypoglycemic" effect that might occur or cause symptoms excessive. But as the process of adaptation "Ketosis" is more perfect, that is usually occurs after a 3-month program period, then the VCO can be reduced or even eliminated in the program. Because when it's adapted to fat in form anything, such as against the type "Medium Chain Triglyceride" (MCT) or "Long Chain Triglyceride "(LCT). This type of LCT is the most dominant type in the human body, where LCT is the type most commonly found in storage networks Human fat (Adipose Tissue). Honey Immunator is a "tool" used in the Fastosis program for establish "Conditioning" of the human immune system to always be "literate" (sensitive), so that it can trigger identification of any "abnormalities" in the body. This abnormality can be in the presence of "antigenic" cells such as "pathogens" or "cells cancer". This abnormality can also be in the form of excessive "Inflammation" that occurs previously, due to "over-reactive" and "inflammative" immune cells. Condition "sensitive" which is triggered by Immunator Honey, will restore the balance of response immune and prevent "Over-Inflammation" in the "Effort" of immune cells fix existing problems (Existing Problems / Abnormalities). Condition "sensitive" will optimize the repair process that will take place, but still maintain the "intensity" of the immune response so as not to cause "Over-Inflammation" which is "negative" and will actually hurt our "Host" (body). This is obtained when all the receptors on the surface of immune cells become increasingly sensitive and can manage the process of "Signaling" between cells better (Negative Feed Back Loop). So that the immune response to improve conditions, be more controlled and creating a natural "Thermostat" that can prevent "Over-Inflammatory Indications" that might happen. These sensitive immune cells will also smooth the transition to conditions does not cause continued "inflammatory" effects in the body. This is obtained from the effect of sensitivity immune system that is able to prevent the occurrence of "Over-Inflammation" as it has explained earlier above.

Sensitification of the immune system also triggers the "activity" of the human immune system more "Active", where the "Active" condition will make energy consumption become greater in the body, due to the energy requirements created by immune cells that become "Active Guerrilla "(Immuno-Surveillance) to look for foreign / abnormal antigens in the body, like antigens from "pathogens" or "cancer cells". Activation of the immune system will also trigger the cleansing process (phago-cytosis) against "impurities" (impurities) in the body, as well as the "Scavenging" process performed by "Macrophage" on "Plaque" in the arteries of blood vessels. Cleaning activity this triggers an increase in energy needs in the body. Thus, the "overall" (overall) activation of the immune system will clearly be increase energy requirements (metabolism) in the body, and will create "Calories The "bigger" deficit.

This calorie deficit will speed up the process of cleaning (consumption) of glucose in body, and will speed up the process of "Transition" to the expected "Ketosis" condition. Honey Immunator is a "tool" that is used to trigger "Sensitification" immune system, where this can occur when the body experiences a "threat". Honey Immunator uses protein derived from Cow Colostrum, which is processed in "Ultrafiltration" so as to produce a very small particle size (Dalton Size). Size I is very small to be able to mimic the size of Protein in "antigen" Virus. Antigen The virus is a protein coated in glucose (Glycosylated Viral Protein - GlycoProtein), so that Protein from cow colostrum can mimic the shape of the Virus antigen, then This "ultrafiltration" protein is infused with honey, so it will forming an "enzymatic" process that triggers Glucose adhesion from Honey to the surface of the protein.

This is the purpose why Immunotherapy, produced by Immunator Honey, must use the media Honey as "Carrier" (Carrier). The effect produced by "Fictional Threat" from Immunator Honey, will create the immune system becomes "Alert" (Alert). This is where the "Sensitification" of immune cells occurs, where the Alert condition will cause the immune cells to become "Active Bergerilya ”(Immuno-Surveillance) looks for" Non-Self Antigens "(foreign or antigens malignant) in the "Microcellular" environment in the body.

The Immune response produced by this Glucose-coated Protein will give rise "Alerts" in Adaptive immune cells, such as CD4 (T-Helper Cells), CD8 (T-Killer Cells), CD56 (NK-Cells) and CD19 (B-Cells). Where "Lymphocyte Subset" are immune cells in charge of "Selecting" and "Looking for" infected cells in the body and also cells which is "Malignant" (Cancer cell).

12. What are the stages of the Fastosis program? Why made like that? 

Fastosis consists of 3 stages, namely the Induction Phase, the Consolidation Phase and the Phase Maintenance. Induction Phase Induction phase is the phase where the body is triggered to use and using up all the glucose reserves in the form of "glycogen" in muscle mass and liver in the body. The goal is that after the "Glycogen" runs out, the body will initiates the formation of "Ketone" in the liver as a substitute fuel Glucose throughout the body, especially for brain cells. The main target of the Induction phase is to get a "blood sugar balance fasting "below 80 mg / dL, which by having fasting sugar as low as that and on condition that the body does not experience symptoms of "Hypoglycemic" at that level, it has prove that the body has switched to using "Fat" (Free Fatty Acid) and "Ketone" as the dominant source of fuel in the body. Fasting is the main key in the Fastosis program, so mastery of fasting hours is the "Main Target" in this program. Fasting must be done at a minimum for 16 hours during the induction phase, which is recommended to stop eating before 8 pm and can eat again after 12 noon the next day. Thus automatically only breakfast is eliminated from eating habits daily. The condition of fasting is a condition where the hormone insulin becomes very low, and vice versa Glucagon hormone becomes dominant in the body. Fasting condition also a condition where human digestion rests, so that the intestine no longer consumes a lot of energy to be used in the digesting process solid food. To achieve this, it is definitely only a source of "Fat" in liquid form (liquid) which can be consumed as a source of calories at fasting hours.

And besides Fat, only calorie-free drinks can be consumed at the moment fasting period. Even protein and carbohydrates in liquid form allowed to be consumed at fasting hours, so that the condition of fasting becomes the condition that is awake from the increase in the hormone insulin due to intake of drinks. Then at mealtime, the induction phase only allows the source "Animal" (Fauna / Animal World) which can be consumed as food and avoid all sources of "Vegetation" (Flora / Plant World) inside food, except only a little like those found in spices like for example onions, peppers, chilies and so on (except tall ones Carbohydrates such as sugar, soy sauce, etc.). This aims to make it easier to maintain carbohydrate source limits which can enter the body so that it will delay the cleaning process "Glycogen" in the body. Maximum limit of Carbohydrates allowed in the induction phase only 10g per day, so by only choosing food sources from animals, it will easy to maintain the limits of carbohydrates that enter the body.

Sources of fiber to facilitate digestion can be obtained in form Carbohydrate-free, for example gelatin, green grass jelly, or seaweed other fiber supplements that have no or no caloric value low.

Consolidation Phase

The consolidation phase is the phase where the body is reintroduced with Carbohydrate elements derived from "Vegetable", which the source must also have Carbohydrate values are low enough, so they can maintain a limit Carbohydrates that can enter the body in this phase, which is below 15g per day. It aims to maintain and strengthen the conditions of "Ketosis" that have been obtained from the previous induction phase, and the Carbohydrate source of the Vegetable This low, will not easily replenish "Glycogen" throughout the body, especially in the liver. In this phase, fasting blood sugar should not be easily re-triggered for rises above 80 mg / dL, because the addition of Carbohydrates from food does not it should replenish "Glycogen" in the body which causes balance blood sugar rises. But if there is an increase in fasting blood sugar in this phase, then at must repeat back to the induction phase to strengthen conditions again "Ketosis" first, before returning to use the consolidation phase allow the addition of vegetable sources as an additional menu on food.

To facilitate the selection of vegetable sources that are low in carbohydrates, then It is recommended to consume vegetables that are high in fiber only, such as those found in the elements of leaves, stems, and flowers in plants. Avoid consuming vegetable sources derived from roots, fruits, seeds seeds and other parts of plants that have a high content Carbohydrate. In this consolidation phase, fasting hours must be increased to a minimum of 18 hours, because in the "Ketosis" condition it should be easier for the body to access the source of backup fat (body fat) and can effectively use it as a source of energy in the body, without much need for additional sources energy from food intake. This consolidation phase aims to strengthen the body's ability to use fat energy stored in tissues Fat, so the body will adapt to conditions without food for longer.

Maintenance Phase 

The Maintenance Phase is the maintenance phase of the optimal "Ketosis" condition, where in this phase the limit of incoming Carbohydrates can be higher than the phaseprevious phase. In this phase fasting blood sugar should have been monitored stable below 80 mg / dL, where the addition of vegetable sources derived from vegetables vegetables high in fiber, do not trigger an increase in fasting blood sugar. Therefore in this phase it is permissible to add an additional vegetable source from carbohydrate elements that are low in carbohydrate value, such as fruits sour like the type of berry

However, the consumption of low-carbohydrate fruits must remain limited in order does not exceed the total limit of carbohydrates per day allowed in this phase, i.e. under 20g per day. In this phase, the effectiveness of the use of reserve fat in the body should have been very optimal, so that fasting must be increased to a minimum 20 hours a day. Thus it will be very easy in this phase to maintain optimal conditions of "Ketosis", where eating hours (feeding window) available will be short enough to limit the entry of sources energy from food, and optimize the use of energy sources from fat reserves in the body. During the maintenance phase, the body will become very efficient inside use available energy sources from fat reserves, and will form "adaptations" to conditions without food that are very effective. The ability to survive without food will be very high, so the body will enter a state of very high selectivity towards cells abnormal, too energy-intensive, as in cancer cells, pathogens, cells damaged / aging, and other over-active cells which are usually "inflammatory" in body. At this level, the level of inflammation in the body will be very low and creating a very optimal level of health. Because with ability the body to create a condition of "high efficiency" from the low source of energy from food, then only normal and healthy cells can survive inside body in this condition.

13. Really Carbohydrate is not an essential element needed by the body? Why? 

Carbohydrates are a source of glucose in the body obtained from food. While glucose is a molecule / substrate that can be produced by itself body when there is no source of glucose consumed from food. The body can make its own glucose needed by the process of "Gluconeogenesis "(making new sugars) that occur in the liver, where glucose is obtained from "Glycerol" conversion which is broken down from the "Triglyceride" (Fat) chain obtained from food or reserves in the body. Then "Amino Acid" (Protein) can also be changed into glucose in the body using the same process in the liver. Another source that can be used as "material / substrate" to form Glucose in the body is "Lactic Acid" (Lactic Acid) obtained from metabolism energy by red blood cells (Erythrocyte) and muscle cells that experience low conditions oxygen (Hypoxia) such as when exercising which makes muscles experience "contractions" and causes oxygen to decrease in the location of the working muscle cells. "Lactic Acid" converted to glucose again through a process called the "Cori Cycle" process in the liver, and glucose produced will be circulated back into the blood through the liver. Acetone which is "by product" in the process of forming "Ketone" in the liver when in the condition "Ketosis", can also be converted back into glucose by way of reshape it to "Lactic Acid" through detoxification in the Liver and using the "Cori Cycle" process to be converted back into glucose in the blood. All cells in the human body can use "Fatty Acid" (Fat) as well "Ketone" as a source of fuel that produces energy in the cells of the body. But there are several types of cells that cannot use other fuels apart Glucose, which is red blood cells (Erythrocyte) and 20% of human brain cells are still primitive. This is because these cells do not have a "Mitochondria" (energy generator in cells), so the process of metabolism is the metabolism of glucose using the "Fermentation" pathway which produces "Lactic Acid" and does not require it oxygen to "oxidize" Glucose as it does in other cells in the body has "Mitochondria". In the condition of Ketosis, the body will produce only enough glucose according to the needs of the cells that need it, such as red blood cells and 20% this brain cell, so there won't be excess glucose in the body like it used to when obtained manually from food intake. The condition of the increase in glucose in the blood is due Carbohydrate consumption is excessive from food, will automatically raise blood sugar levels the body, and then it will trigger the reaction of the insulin hormone needed to return suppress it (blood sugar) into cells in the body to maintain balance safe blood sugar level in the body. Blood sugar that is too high in the body will be very harmful to the "chemical" balance in the blood, because glucose is a molecule which is "reductant" (can reduce electrons from other molecules) to "Protein" and "fat" in the body, so that it can cause "instability" in other molecules and make other "reduced" molecules easier experiencing "oxidation" of free radical molecules (Reactive Oxyangen Species - ROS) which is also present in the body. This is what causes "hardening" (Hardening) on molecules that previously did not have "hard / rigid" properties in the body, like for example the element Protein that should be "elastic" and the element Fat it should be "soft and slippery".

14. What is Glycation? Why I've never heard of before from the doctor?

Glycation is the attachment / attachment that occurs between Protein or Fat Glucose molecules that cause the functionality of a "biomolecule" to be disturbed. This glycation can be called "caramelization" of sugar against cells in the body as in: 1) A layer of "collagen" in the walls of blood vessels that causes hardening, 2) The surface of LDL molecules which can cause them to be "oxidized" and easily stick to the arteries of blood vessels, 3) The surface of the immune cells that causes the "receptor" is disturbed and making the immune cell either misdirected or does not recognize the antigen opponent, 4) "Myelin" lining in nerves in the brain and throughout the body causing "demyelination ", 5) Surface of cells in the retina of the eye, 6) Hardening "Crystallin" on the eyepiece, 7) Damage to the "Beta-cells" in the Pancreas as cells that produce insulin, 8) and various other cells throughout the body . '

15. What are the effects of Glycation for the health of my body? 

This glycation is the effect of "hyperglycaemia" which occurs all the time in humans consuming large amounts of carbohydrates. All Carbohydrate sources will be broken down it first became "Monosaccharide" like "Glucose", "Galactose" and "Fructose" in small intestine, before being distributed throughout the body. High concentrations of these Glucose, Galactose and Fructose molecules in the blood, will causes the "Glycation" process to occur throughout the body, where attachment will occur in the "Nitrogen" (N-Terminal) molecule chain in Protein molecules in body cells. In long term, this "Glycation" effect is the root cause of "Pathological" from various diseases, such as for example cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hormone imbalance, auto-immune, neuro-degenerative and cancer.

16. If I run this Fastosis program, what am I still need to exercise? 

Sport is an attempt by humans to create "Hormesis", where this hormone is one of the processes that trigger "stress" in the body however aims to increase the body's "capacity" in forming "Resistance" stress in the body's cells. Thus sport will create "Homeostasis" (Balance) is better when the cells in the body have become "invulnerable" to various "stressful" situations that can cause damage. For example due to "Oxidative Stress "due to free radicals in the body. Exercise will also create "sensitivity" to "insulin" in the body, so that cells in the body will easily absorb and use glucose which circulates in the blood quickly, and avoid "Hyperglycaemia" which can occur due to consumption Carbohydrates in large quantities. This insulin sensitivity is the opposite of "Insulin Resistance "which is a pathological disease that causes the condition of blood sugar easily increased. And if insulin resistant has occurred, then "glycation" will becomes a problem going forward and triggers the domino effect that results in it various chronic diseases in the future. The Fastosis program strongly recommends applying sports as a means fasting routine (Fasting Window). Where by exercising when fasting will creates a "Demand" that is high on energy, and will trigger the body to release Fat reserves as fuel when fasting. In addition, "demand" is created this will trigger the production of "Ketone" which is higher in the blood, so it will make hours fasting becomes easy to pass without feeling hungry or weak. Sport in condition "Ketosis" is very different from the conventional glucose metabolic conditions, which are in Glucose metabolism, exercise will speed up the "Glycogen" emptying and triggers symptoms of "Hypoglycaemic". Whereas in the condition of "Ketosis", exercise actually triggers the production of "Ketone" which will increase energy levels at fasting hours. Sports during this fasting hour, will also trigger cleaning "Glycation" more fast in the body, making it easier to obtain and maintain sugar levels optimal blood in the Fastosis program, which is targeted to reach and survive under 80 mg / dL.

17. Why should I fast in this Fastosis program? 

Fasting in the Fastosis program, is one attempt to create a "deficit Calories "that cause emptying" Glycogen "throughout the body. When in reserve Glycogen in the liver has been used up, so the body will initiate the "Ketogenesis" process in Liver, to produce "Ketone" instead of glucose in the whole body, especially for brain cells. The condition of fasting is a condition where the level of the hormone insulin is very low, which is will automatically maximize the level of the Glucagon hormone as the antagonist. Hormone This Glucagon will trigger a stable "Lipolysis" (Fat degradation) process every time when in the Fastosis program. Fasting will also speed up the cleansing of "Glycation" ever happened in previous lifestyles that consume high carbohydrates in the daily diet the day. Cleansing "Glycation" will speed up the achievement of blood sugar levels the optimal target in the Fastosis program, which is below 80 mg / dL. Fasting is a condition where digestion does not work, so the energy is available in the body can be diverted for other purposes such as repairing cells in the body damaged, the activity of immune cells to fight threats and cleanse toxins in the body, and also triggers the regeneration of cells in the body that produce the "Reverse" effect Aging ".

18. What is HC? Why HC can happen if I run this Fastosis program? 

HC or Healing Crisis is the process by which the body tries to eliminate and remove all forms of impurities stored in the body disrupt the balance (homeostasis) of the functionality of all cells in the body. This will occur when the immune system, as a function of "Rejection", has been recognize various forms of abnormality in the body such as foreign cells (pathogens), cells malignant (cancer), infected cells, damaged / aging / dysfunctional cells, impurities in the body (plaque on blood vessels, "glycation", chemicals). Identification of all these abnormalities will trigger the process of "Elimination" by activating various chemical reactions in the body to start "attack", "collection", "cleaning" and "disposal". When this starts, an "Inflammation" reaction will appear in the body, which will appear symptoms in this "Elimination" process. But inflammation is caused when the system immune work is a naturally controlled process, which is the system The immune system will always maintain a "balance" of work done for eliminate these abnormalities, by monitoring "negative feed back loop "(negative control) produced by other cells in the body when inflammation becomes too high and endanger the function of other cells in the body. This is the importance of "Immuno-Therapy" in the Fastosis program that also works as "Sensitification" of the ability of the immune system to see the "situation" in the body when the process of "Elimination" of the abnormalities found.

The Metabolic Therapy side of the Fastosis program that triggers "Selectivity" towards the presence of abnormal cells through the "Calorie Deficit" created, and through Fat metabolism that requires the function of "Mitochondria" (energy generator inside cell) optimal, will create the same process of elimination, which is where these abnormal cells are are cells that are very dependent on the energy source "Glucose" in numbers large, when they are in the human body in the "Calorie Surplus" condition from the source Glucose. Reducing the element Glucose in the body will trigger natural elimination from cells this, for example in the presence of primitive cells without "Mitochondria" such as bacteria, Viruses, parasites and fungi, as well as against normal cells that have an infection so it is very "Glycolytic" (very dominant using Glucose cellular energy metabolism). Malignant cells such as cancer cells will undergo the same selection process Cancer cells are cells that experience dysfunction of the "Mitochondria" cause cancer cells to become "dominant" in using "Glucose" as the most "universal" fuel substance on earth, which can be used as a producer energy without the need for oxygen and can be used immediately without the need "Mitochondria" which functions as an energy generator with oxygen.

Thus cancer cells are cells that change their metabolic processes by using the "Fermentation" pathway which only occurs in "Cytoplasma" (cell body) without using oxygen, so that it will produce "Lactic Acid" (Lactic Acid) as a result of its metabolism. Cancer cells will automatically experience the "Selection" of the same low the presence of "glucose" in the blood, so that it will experience the "deficiency" effect of energy sources and die. But not all of these Cancer Cells can be easily selected, because some of these cancer cells will remain "dormant" because they have slower metabolism and can still survive.

But the low effect Glucose levels will make them "exposed" to the active immune system and sensitive to see the presence of "antigen" cancer cells, so that the immune system has made sensitive through the "immuno-therapy" side of the Fastosis program will be easy recognize and attack cancer cells that were previously hiding or "dormant" this.

This calorie deficit effect also triggers cleansing of excess proteins in cells, especially against Proteins that have "Glycation" (Caramelization). Process cleansing at this calorie deficit condition, called "Autophagy". This process will also trigger The buildup results in cleansing of cells in the body and resulting in an immune system reaction to eliminate impurities that also cause inflammation or symptoms. Same the case when "Glycation" in the structure of fats and other proteins in the body is also cleaned by decay in the case of a Calorie Deficit that will "Recycle" the materia this material to be reused as an energy source when "Calorie Deficit" take place. In principle, this process of elimination is called Healing Crisis, which is natural effort from the human body to restore "Balance" (Homeostasis) it is disturbed, and sometimes these symptoms are considered symptoms of a disease reappear after being considered healed before. This Healing Crisis can be reminiscent of old symptoms that has happened before or in the past.

This is called "Reversal" or "Retracing" where all the "clauses" (causes) of the appearance of symptoms in the past it is not yet completely cleared out of the body. This usually happens when these symptoms of the past are covered with drugs that can "manipulate" symptoms and provide comfort quickly, so that it closes the drainage path "Clause" and instead press it deeper in the body. This is also a process Healing Crisis is postponed, so that it triggers the buildup of the final "Clause" having a systemic effect today, and resulting in the accumulation (buildup) of "failuresystemic failure "in the affected immune system and metabolism, and produce "Manifestations" in the form of "Chronic" diseases experienced today. This is why it is very important to understand this natural Healing Crisis process, where "Pain" (symptom) is an "Alarm" that sounds, when there is an annoying "Clause" balance (Homeostasis) in the body. And the "Alarm" function must be gone, no by "manipulating" the symptoms that arise, but must be in a way eliminating the "clause".

The human body has a natural "Instrument" that is always trying to restore balance, when the "conditions" already support the return process this balance is done. For example, when the immune system can "recognize" re-existing abnormalities and make efforts to eliminate, and also when metabolism has improved again by not reinserting sources foods that cause "oxidative stress" in the body such as glucose. Calorie Deficit from the condition of fasting it will definitely trigger efficiency in the body which will get rid of cells are inefficient and wasteful of energy like the abnormal cells in the body.

Healing Crisis is a process of elimination by the body that needs energy big. So usually before the Healing Crisis begins, it can be preceded by conditions such as increased energy and hunger that appear more often. This matter is a marker that the body is ready to begin the process of elimination that will require great energy, and during this process, adequate rest is needed, and rule out other activities that are not needed. When Healing Crisis occurs, there will usually be a decrease in appetite, which is the body's natural initiation to "divert" energy which is usually widely used by the digestive system humans to digest food. If we understand this, then already we should support this process, by fasting or not including food solid and only enter the source of calories in liquid / fine form when needed.

The key to choosing nutrition during this Healing Crisis process must be this precisely, where the Fat ratio must be very high so it doesn't trigger an insulin response can even increase the level of inflammation being experienced. Increase calorie intake through high-fat sources such as VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil), more recommended than other sources that still contain elements Protein. Because Protein is still able to trigger insulin responses in a certain amount. The symptoms that arise from the Healing Crisis process are expressions use alternative human detoxification pathways other than Stool (Colon) and Urine (Kidney).

Thing this occurs when the amount of impurities produced from the elimination process is very fast, exceeding the body's capacity or speed in processing it feces or urine. Automatic buildup of impurities in the blood will trigger an inflammatory reaction in body such as fever, heat, dizziness, weakness, aches, tingling, nausea and so. The body will try to compensate for this process of elimination very quickly with open alternative pathways in the body such as through the skin (epidermis), mucus (mucus), and mucosa (mucosal lining throughout the body such as the oral cavity, gums, tongue, throat, esophagus, and stomach). Examples of expressions of alternative pathways that the body uses to balance the process impurities disposal is as follows: * Skin (Epidermis): Itching, Rashes, Acne, Boils, Dry Skin, etc.

* Mucus (mucus): Cough, runny nose / snot, Leucorrhoea, Menstruation Thick in amount large, etc. * Mucosa : Sprue, Swollen Gums, Swollen Tonsils, Itching in throat, chest tightness / heat, Heartburn is tight, Nausea, Vomiting, increased stomach acid, diarrhea / diarrhea, eyes red / runny, itchy nose, ringing ears, etc.

This Healing Crisis process usually starts with the appearance of symptoms such as the description above, and the intensity will increase on the second day. The third day to the fourth, is the time where elimination via the urine and feces begins increases, so that it will reduce the output of using other alternative paths. Days to four to fifth, usually has given a drastic change in energy levels and will give a fresh effect on the body that is followed by the relief of all the symptoms previous. This Healing Crisis process can last up to 1 to 2 weeks, if it is energized available for this process is insufficient, as divided by the process the process of digesting food or experiencing essential nutritional deficiencies in the body. However it is very important to know and understand when this process occurs, and not try cover it with drugs that will manipulate this elimination process. Because delay by using drugs, will also delay the process of elimination and effective cleansing on the body. The best way to help ease and provide comfort during the process Healing Crisis takes place, is to use natural endeavors like rest, sunbathing, soaking in warm water, sauna, massage / reflection, compresses and so on.

To help speed up the use of the main path through human detoxification feces and urine, it is advisable to consume more water, and can Add mineral supplements like salt and other electrolytes needed. And if stool is retained due to lack of fiber intake, then the source of fine fibers such as agar green jelly or jelly can be used as an extra to speed things up cleaning impurities in the colon. Use of supplements that are "Laxative" can be used to help overcome constipation problems that might occur during Healing Crisis is taking place and can also accelerate the transfer of line use alternative to return to the main path through the colon in the form of feces. Stool inside soft or liquid form will speed up emptying the colon, and make room for the formation of new feces which is a medium for removing impurities in the body. Healing Crisis is a gradual process of purifying the body from all the "Clauses" saved. And this process is a process that occurs when conditions and energy are at the body already supports to trigger its elimination. But for diseases Chronic which is the "Manifestation" of the accumulation of various "Clauses" in the body, it will not be cleared by one or two Healing Crisis processes.

Because it is not possible for all these "Clauses" to be lifted out at one time, which they could causes too much impurities eliminated, and triggers inflammation excessive and even harmful to the body. Therefore this process will occur several times until it is completely clean lifting out all the "Clauses" in the body. And at each stage of elimination that has been After passing through, you will see "Change" and "Progress" from the health level as well as a reduction from the "manifestation" of the disease experienced previously. In a way maximizing "Conditioning" of the immune system and metabolism, the process the next elimination will be easy to restart, which will automatically speed up a cleansing circuit that results in perfect and clean health all forms of "clauses" stored.

Healing Crisis in the Fastosis program is something that is expected to appears when having health problems in the body. Because with the appearance of "Healing This crisis, "indicates that the Fastosis program has succeeded in" conditioning "the system immune and metabolism to heal itself (Self-Healing). Optimal adaptation to the mastery of fasting conditions will trigger emergence a faster process of elimination (Healing Crisis).

And this is the main goal of Fastosis programs to produce "therapeutic" effects for various health problems in humans due to previous wrong lifestyle, like Carbohydrate consumption is high which causes the level of "Oxidative Stress" in the body increasing, and a calorie surplus condition at any time which triggers various problems on metabolism in the body with a variety of manifestations of the disease that has been had this time. The goal of the Fastosis program is to make people aware that medicine is for everything human disease, already in the body from birth. Immune system and Metabolism is a natural human remedy, which when conditioned to work optimally, then will be able to get rid of various manifestations of disease that exist in humans. Because the basic work of the human immune system is to reject (Rejection) against all abnormalities that occur in the body and selective metabolism (selection) of humans which can use "fat" as a fuel for energy, will create natural selection in the body for the presence of abnormal cells that are "Anabolic" (developing) and "Inflammative" or "Over-Reactive". This combination of immune and metabolic abilities is basic the creation of the Fastosis program. But psychological fundamentals are decisive The main effectiveness of the immune system and metabolism at work, is a priority The main thing that must always be maintained. Because problems with Psychological fundamentals are certain will affect the performance of the immune system and metabolism, and even can damage it when the stress level becomes high and cannot be controlled. That is why Psychological conditions always become "Variables" in the success of the immune system and metabolism to purify the body of all things This "clause" causes disease in humans, and this psychological is fundamental which can only be cured through faith and faith in each religion respectively.

This is why healing only comes from God. Because if without God's permission, human psychology will be tossed about in error and fear that eventually triggers "stress" which then suppresses the functioning of the system immune and human metabolism.

19. If I run this Fastosis program where I don't eat carbohydrates again, isn't there a high risk of me Having Hypoglycemic? 

NO, because the Fastosis program aims to change metabolism conventional modern humans who depend on carbohydrates for energy sources get Glucose, become Fat metabolism that uses energy sources comes from fat. When the human body can use fat effectively, it doesn't there will be another symptom called "Hypoglycemic", because the body will have molecules called "Ketone", where this molecule will replace the function of glucose in the body humans, especially for the needs of energy metabolism in the brain. This ketone is not only obtained from fat consumed from food, however This ketone is very easy to get from all the fat reserves that humans have. This why human metabolism that has "Ketone" in its blood, will not experiencing Hypoglycemic and will not make humans dependent on food any time. When humans can only use food energy sources that only come from from carbohydrates, then it will definitely depend heavily on food. Because Carbohydrates or glucose, can not be stored in large quantities in the body. Glucose stored in the form of "Glycogen" in muscle mass and the liver will be depleted in 1 x 24 hours, and it will easily trigger "Hypoglycemic" when this substrate of energy is used up. If humans are returned to the time where food was sought or hunted, then it is certain Glucose metabolism that relies on carbohydrates will not last long to support the process / effort / time needed to obtain resources food. Hypoglycemic symptoms that always appear will be very destructive and contradictory with all activities that require energy, such as the search for food. Humans will be very weak creatures in Hypoglycemic conditions, and not will easily survive conditions of food shortage due to natural disasters for example. Low "survival" ability that humans have with metabolism This glucose, does not reflect how humans in the past could have evolved through various conditions on earth. Fat metabolism produced by the Fastosis program, will restore the ability to "Survival" human beings actually, where humans are destined to be able use fat as its main energy source, where there are no symptoms like Hypoglycemic which will hamper human activities and efforts to "find" food and survive in any condition on earth. This is the way of life humans are actually destined as high-ranking beings at the top of the food chain on earth.

20. Actually this Fastosis program is like a diet program anything else?

 If not, where and how are they different? The Fastosis program is not just a diet. This program returns a way of life humans actually where food is not an obstacle to human activity in advance earth. By forming the metabolism of fat produced from conditions of mastery to fasting that uses human diet in the past (Hunter & Gatherer - Hunter & Collector), then Fastosis will restore the ability of "Survival" which is high in modern humans who have become weak, and dependent on availability of food at any time.

Humans today are people who are very vulnerable to various kinds diseases, especially diseases caused by "Energy Surplus" at any time. This happens because of the effect high carbohydrate diet, causing humans to no longer be able to access energy reserves in the body that are stored in the form of this fat easily. Because the pattern of modern human life today, will easily experience symptoms when loss of food sources, even if only 1 x 24 hours. This happens due to humans is currently very actively using its "insulin hormone", which is a hormone that will always appear when consuming foods with a higher Carbohydrate ratio high in each meal. This insulin hormone is a hormone that is "Anabolic", which is a hormone that triggers "Fat Formation" and will stop "Burning Fat ". When this hormone is always dominant in the body, then the ability is lost human nature to be able to easily access the reserve fat when not there is food available. Symptoms of "Hypoglycemic" always cause "Instinct" to return looking for food, and current world conditions where food sources already exist and abundant everywhere, making humans easily obtain food back, to relieve symptoms that arise due to "Hypoglycemic.

This is the main factor that causes humans today to be very weak to conditions of lack of food, and instead will create conditions where the body humans will always experience "Surplus Energy" at any time. Because it's the Fastosis program, will change back the ability to survive in the condition of "Deficit." Energy or Calories "at any time, where this condition will actually trigger formation "Resistance" to various diseases that can arise from the body, or from the threat of infection outside the body. A calorie deficit condition that triggers effectiveness Fat metabolism, will form natural selectivity in the human body, where only normal, healthy cells will be retained. Automatic condition like this will form a body that is very immune to various "stresses" that can occur due to lack of food, infectious attacks, cell mutations (malignancy / Cancer) in in the body, and prevent the emergence of various kinds of metabolic diseases happening in the present Conditions of calorie deficits supported by Fat metabolism, will be very easy traveled compared to conventional human metabolism that relies on Glucose source from Carbohydrates.

Where calorie deficits will not cause effects negative as it happens to conventional metabolic conditions which are experiencing "Hypoglycemic" when too much loss of glucose in the blood only "a little" to be stored in the body in the form of "Glycogen". Fat metabolism will makes it easy for humans to experience calorie deficits without causing "symptoms" whatever, where in the end the calorie deficit condition will trigger "high selectivity" at inside the body.

21. What age is suitable for me to run this Fastosis program? 

The Fastosis program can be applied at all ages, only the difference is in its Fasting application. For toddlers and children, or teenagers who are still in their infancy growth, does not require the application of fasting, and only focus on the selection food source. Because the conditions of growth, it is definitely needed energy surplus to support the optimal growth process. This also applies for pregnant and lactating mothers, where a surplus of energy is needed for fetal growth and also for the formation of breast milk in the body. But what needs to be understood, is Carbohydrates are not the only source energy that can be used by humans to grow. Because humans will precisely get far more energy from fat intake. Fat has a source greater calories than other macronutrients, such as Carbohydrates or Proteins, where Fat has an energy potential of 9 calories per gram, whereas Carbohydrates and Protein only have an energy potential of 4 calories per gram. Fat is the most effective form of energy storage in a "molecules", and fats can only be converted into energy by cells that have "Mitochondria" (cell energy generator) in its "Cytoplasma" (cell body). Mitochondria this is only owned by high-ranking creatures, such as humans and mammals. With thus Fat is the most "selective" source of energy in creating condition of selectivity of energy supply in the body. This is what causes when the human body has returned to metabolism Fat, it will be difficult for primitive creatures like Pathogen to be able to live on in the human body. This is what makes the human body have the ability "AntiInfection "is natural, and will protect it from various threats of infection from the environment. Children will not be easily infected again, in the process of growing towards maturity.

22. In the future, whether this Fastosis program can be a solution health problems that are 'trendy' lately? Like stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, weak heart, hyper / hypo tension? 

It is certain that the Fastosis program will establish a "reversal" of various processes metabolic problems in the present, because this program is an "effort" to restore the ability of the human immune system to see abnormalities in the body, such as excessive inflammatory reactions produced by metabolic conditions bad. With the application of fasting and eating patterns that support fat metabolism, then the level of free radicals (ROS) in the body will be very low, which is radical free is what triggers a chemical reaction against molecules of Fat and Protein which is found in large amounts in the body, as the main structure of cells in the body human. These free radicals make the cells in the body become reactive and dangerous, because Oxidative Stress which can be caused by Protein and Fat in the body. And the source of the trigger for "Oxidation" of Fats and Proteins is existence high "Glucose" molecules in the body, where "Glucose" is a "Reducing" molecule (Reducing Agent) that easily reacts with Fat and Protein molecules, so causing instability in these molecules.

The basis of all diseases modern day is derived from the existence of Glucose which is dominantly used as energy source, which is glucose metabolism, is always metabolism produce "excess" (presence) of free radicals in large numbers in the body. This is why the body cannot store large amounts of glucose. Because if not immediately changed in a more stable form such as fat, then High glucose in the blood will cause "oxidation" in large numbers in the body that will damage various cells in the human body. But with today's human diet that always relies on carbohydrates as an energy source, it will not be easy to prevent it from happening "Hyperglycemic" (increase in blood sugar) in every meal. Where in every condition "hyperglycemic" that occurs, will trigger the effect of "Glycation" (stickiness) on Protein and Fat molecules in the body.

And over time, this "Glycation" effect will causing "malfunction" of cells undergoing "oxidation" due to instability these molecules. This is the main cause of "Metabolic Disorder" (Metabolism Problems) in the present, which manifests into various types current illness An example is "glycation" which occurs in "collagen" in the cell walls of vessels blood, which will weaken and cause arteries to become stiff (stiff). If this matter happens in the brain, then it is certain "stroke" is the result. And when it happens in the heart, then "Arrythmia" is the result. When the "Glycation" effect triggers oxidation in "LipoProtein" like LDL, then the effect is to make these LDL molecules trapped and form plaques on blood vessel. When this happens, then "Cardiovascular" problems such as coronary heart diseasewill happen.

Glycation will also affect "Beta-Cells" in the Pancreas, where these cells are is a cell that produces insulin in the body. When this happens, it is certain insulin production output will occur, and when all other cells experience "resistance" as a result the always active insulin hormone from a high carbohydrate diet before, then this combination will manifest as Diabetes which has become a problem global health throughout the world. "Neuro-degenerative" diseases (decreased nerve functionality) is an effect that results from "glycation" on nerve cells throughout the body, especially in the brain.

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and various other nerve problems are manifestation of the effect of "Glycation", due to a diet high in carbohydrates that can not easily controlled, where the Glucose surplus, is always easy to experience in each eat. The Fastosis program will trigger the cleansing of "excess" (presence) of deep glucose This form of "glycation", which by causing calorie deficits and forming Fat metabolism, will erode and shed back the caramelization that has been occurs, to be reused as an energy source when the body experiences a deficit calories. And to create this calorie deficit, it will definitely be very easy if have fat metabolism that does not cause symptoms in deficit conditions, such as "Hypoglycemic".

 23. Is there a guide or guideline for me to run this Fastosis program? 

Guide to running the Fastosis program has been designed in the form of an email which can be learned protocols (procedures) in a protocol. Guide to the Fastosis program, consists of 2 documents, namely:

1) Fastosis protocol , which is the basis of the Fastosis program, in the form of "Lines Large "which must be applied in each of the Phases assigned to obtain adaptation to the condition of fasting by using a diet

2) The i-KetoFast program , which is a breakdown of the "step-by-step" implement the program in each phase, complete with food samples, schedules supplementation, and various lists and other important notes such as, list vegetables, fruit list, Fat source list and so on.

24. My doctor said Ketone is dangerous for the body, because it's poison (Keto-acidosis)? Why in the program This fastosis must actually exist and be maintained? 

This ketone is often confused with the condition "keto-acidosis" where it is is a condition of systemic failure, in diabetics. Keto-acidosis, occurs when insulin production decreases, and blood sugar becomes high. However, this low insulin condition also triggers the degradation of fat for energy at the same time. This is what causes the appearance of "Ketone" in the blood in large quantities accompanied by a large increase in blood sugar, thus forming the pathological condition of a disease called Keto-acidosis.

Keto-acidosis is a condition where "Ketone" is produced in an amount that is very high in the body, which is above 15 mMol, and is always accompanied by height blood sugar above 200 mg / dL. The condition of Ketosis experienced by the perpetrators of the Fastosis program, is a condition where Ketone formed due to " conditioning " on fasting conditions and the ketogenic diet (Nutritional Ketosis), where automatic Ketone produced is the result of decreased levels of the hormone insulin and glucose in the blood, which triggers the rise in hormones Glucagon as a hormone supporting fat metabolism. Decreased blood glucose triggers the use of fat energy as a source of ketone in the liver, where Ketone is produced to replace the reduced glucose in the brain, so it is currently Ketone has dominated the energy needs of the brain, there will be no symptoms "Hypoglycemic".

The effects of the Ketone produced by the Fastosis program will never exceed 7 mMol blood, but the standard target of program effectiveness, establishes the amount of blood ketone which must reach a minimum of 2.2 mMol.

Where this means that there has been mastery to fasting conditions with the applied ketogenic diet. Program Fastosis prioritizes the amount of fasting blood sugar that must reach values below 80 mg / dL, which means that the condition of low blood sugar will not affect the condition metabolism in the body that has adapted to fasting conditions. With this low blood sugar level, it will automatically speed up "selectivity" against abnormal cells in the body, as well as triggering a holistic improvement shift the existence of various cells in the body that do not "keep up" with calorie conditions Fat deficits and metabolism used. An example is cells that are "Anabolic" like immune cells that are inflammatory, malignant (cancer) cells, infected or pathogenic cells, damaged / aging cells, and various other abnormal cells in the body

25. In this Fastosis program, it is recommended to drink a lot, What about those who have kidney failure? Can it follow? 

The purpose for drinking a lot in this Fastosis program is due to the "diuretic" effect (high urination frequency) caused by the release of water content bound by "Glycogen" which is lost from the body when used up to metabolize energy when we no longer consume carbohydrates. This glycogen will experience "Glyco-genolysis" which is a metabolic process "Glycogen" to be used as a "substrate" (raw material) metabolism in cells, so water molecules (H2O) are bound to be released into the body, and secreted by the kidneys through urine.

1 gram of "Glycogen" binds 3 grams of water, so the body will lose water 3 times fold more when this "Glycogen" is used up and released through urine. However in "Nephropathy" (kidney failure) conditions where urine cannot be secreted with perfect, then automatically the water content will not be easily lost from the body. So that the effect metabolism of "glycogen" will not cause dehydration in patients with failure kidney And automatically the amount of fluid needed by patients with kidney failure will be very is different from other people who have healthier kidneys and are easily pulled off body fluids through urine. Patients with kidney failure who follow the Fastosis program, can still limit fluid intake as when still using a conventional diet. Because people with kidney failure will not lose as much fluid as others do have healthier kidneys who also run this Fastosis program. And this Fastosis program can "Reverse" (restore) kidney function again which declined before. Kidney failure is caused by "Oxidative Stress" experienced by kidney cells, due to high levels of glucose in the blood, or due to infection that attacks cells in the kidney. Fastosis program that gives Glucose reduction effect in the blood significantly without such side effects "Hypoglycemic" will automatically reduce the level of "Oxidative Stress" in kidney cells, and immuno-therapy in the Fastosis program will clean the infection of cells kidneys.

Conditions of selectivity against cells that have an infection or damage, too will trigger the regeneration of new kidney cells, where levels of HGH (Human Growth ) High hormones produced by the Fastosis program will trigger the cell regeneration process. cells are damaged in the body faster than conditions in conventional conventional diets that are difficult creating cell regeneration quickly.

26. How to maintain nutritional balance (macro and micro) in my body if I run this Fastosis program, especially considering that only fat may be allowed in the first stage? 

Nutrition for humans is a composition between Macronutrients and Micronutrients. Macronutrients are nutrients needed in large quantities, in kind unit of measurement by weight "Gram" (g) every day. Micronutrients are nutrients needed in small amounts, in form unit of measurement of weight "milligrams" (mg) every day.

Nutrition is the substance contained in the food it provides Structural, Functional and Energy components for the human body. "Essential" nutrition (Essential Nutrition) is a nutrient that must be obtained from food, because of the body humans cannot make it themselves in sufficient quantities, to fulfill every day needs. Fiber or Fiber is not categorized as Nutrition, because it is not an element essential needed to maintain human life. The essential nutrients needed by humans are as follows:

1) Water 

2) Energy obtained from Fat, Protein or Carbohydrates. But nothing called "Essential Carbohydrates" as an energy source, because "Glucose" from the source "Carbohydrates" can easily be made (synthesis) by themselves human body in sufficient quantities.

3) Nine (9) types of Amino Acids / Essential Amino Acids (Proteins) are Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine

4) Two (2) types of Essential Fatty Acid are Alpha linolenic Acid (Omega 3) and Linoleic Acid (Omega 6)

5) Thirteen (13) types of vitamins needed in small amounts in the body is Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K

6) Seven types (7) Macro Minerals needed in small amounts in the body are Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Sodium, Chlorine, and Magnesium

7) Eight kinds (8) Trace Minerals needed in very small quantities in the body are Iron, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Molybdenum, Iodine, Bromine and Selenium Of all the essential nutrients above, it will be very easily found in the source Animal, compared to Vegetable sources.

Animal sources have "bio-availabilty" from nutrients that are very much higher compared to Vegetable sources, so that Nutrition deficiency is almost impossible Essential needed by the body The content of protein and fat will be very easily found in animal sources, as well as micronutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals. Fiber is not part of Essential Nutrition, because fiber cannot be absorbed by the body as a Nutrition that can provide structural and energy functions. However fiber can help form a "mass" for feces that prevents constipation from forming early adaptation of this Fastosis program. Therefore, the recommended fiber at the beginning of the induction phase is a source of fiber which has no or very small Carbohydrate Absorbency (Net Carb), like jelly, green grass jelly, seaweed or fiber-free supplements Carbohydrate fiber such as inulin and psyllium husk.

27. I usually consume vegetables and fruit for maintain fiber intake and maintain health digestion (BAB). If I run the Fastosis program this, wouldn't my digestive health be so disturbed? 

The Fastosis protocol consists of 3 phases, namely the induction phase, the consolidation phase and the phase maintenance.

Induction Phase is a phase that focuses on the consumption of animal sources as food at meal times, where vegetable sources are not permitted first first. It aims to create conditions where carbohydrate intake is automatically will be very low (Net Carb <10g / day), and will speed up the process cleansing "Glycogen" throughout the body, especially in the liver, so it will speed up the expected "Ketogenesis" process in this Fastosis program.

When consuming foods high in nutrients such as fat and protein, then it is certain this nutrient will be absorbed more sent. Because human intestine very effective in breaking down Proteins and Fats using digestive enzymes, making it easier for absorption. This will definitely reduce the amount the mass of stool that is commonly found while still consuming carbohydrates and vegetables, where fiber is a type of carbohydrate that cannot be absorbed by the human intestine, because Glucose structure is denser and does not dissolve with water. Therefore at the beginning the program takes place, where more fat and protein elements come from food, it certainly won't produce a lot of feces. Because what is eaten, absorbed by the body more than the previous high diet Carbohydrates and fiber.

But the source of fiber that has the value of Carbohydrates absorbed (Net Carbs) is very low, permitted to be consumed in this phase. For example fiber derived from agaragar, green grass jelly, seaweed or fiber supplements such as inulin, psyllium husk etc. Digestive health is related to the condition of flora in the human intestine, where Colon bacteria can get their "Prebiotic" source from very fiber sources Low carbohydrate absorbency value. And this fiber function will also be like "Sponge" which will cleanse the intestinal tract of the impurities that will be carried to then become a faecal mass. When it has entered the consolidation phase, where sources of vegetable fiber such as vegetables High-fiber vegetables have been allowed, so it is definitely a source of fiber can be recovered with more choices than when in the induction phase. But still must pay attention to the total Carbohydrates absorbed (Net Carbs) allowed in the consolidation phase, ie under 15g per day (Net Carbs <15g / day).

This consolidation phase is the phase that tests the effect of adding Carbohydrate values which enters more into the food through the addition of high vegetable sources fiber like vegetables, and see its effect on Fasting Blood Sugar (GDP) has been optimal in the previous induction phase (GDP <80 mg / dL). And if indeed the induction phase that have been passed before have formed the process of adaptation to the conditions of "Ketosis" which perfect, then the addition of vegetable fiber sources that have levels Carbohydrates absorbed (Net Carbs), this higher, will not affect the stability fasting blood sugar that has been obtained before.

But if it turns out it still affects and even raises fasting blood sugar or above 80 mg / dL, it is recommended to repeat the induction phase, and first strengthen its adaptation to the condition "Ketosis". Maintenance phase is the phase where the value of carbohydrates absorbed can be more widely consumed, such as the addition of a source of fiber through the fruits that it has high fiber content like "Berri". But also pay attention to the serving sizes given in the fruit list in the program guide. Because the maintenance phase must also maintain the amount of carbohydrate absorbed to keep it below 20g per day (Net Carbs <20g / day).

It is recommended to routinely control fasting blood sugar in this maintenance phase at a minimum 2 weeks. Because if it turns out fasting blood sugar has increased above 80 mg / dL, it must automatically repeat to the previous phase, or even use a phase re-induction to accelerate the decline in fasting blood sugar to an optimal level under 80 mg / dL.

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